Frederica de Laguna Northern Books

About Northern Books

On October 6, 2004, noted anthropologist, Frederica Annis Lopez de Leo de Laguna ("Freddy" to her friends), died at home in Haverford, Pennsylvania, three days after her ninety-eighth birthday.

Freddy's legacy includes a Research Centre founded in collaboration with the University of Ottawa, a trust fund established to support northern research, and her biggest dream - an independent press, Frederica de Laguna Northern Books, whose purpose is to promote anthropological research in the circumpolar regions and adjacent areas, and to assist in the preservation of the northern cultural heritage by:

  • publishing manuscripts and documents that relate to such research;
  • aiding authors in the preparation of their manuscripts, and in the publication and distribution of their work;
  • encouraging the preparation and the reprinting of valuable out-of-print monographs.

All publications submitted will have to demonstrate high standards of research, and respect for the Native populations concerned, thereby continuing Freddy's intellectual and methodological legacy.

This website is dedicated to preserving and sharing her research with other scholars.