Frederica de Laguna Northern Books


We are in the process of re-publishing some of Frederica de Laguna's publications.

Following is a list of books that are available / will be available

Monographs Series:
Shamanic Arts in Northern China – Wang Hong Gang, Yu Guo Hua & Qiang Li
Under Mount St Elias – Frederica de Laguna (2010)
Chugach Myths and Tales – Frederica de Laguna & Kaj Birket-Smith
Northern Encounters Series
Encounters with the Chipewyan People – Ed., Dawn Ambler
Essays and Research Reports
Children of Eagle Mother: Proceedings of the 2004 Sino-Canadian Colloquium on Northern Shamanic Traditions – Ed., Qiang Li
Voyage to Greenland – Frederica de Laguna
The Arrow Points to Murder – Frederica de Laguna
The First man - Dale De Armond
Fog on the Mountain – Frederica de Laguna
Greeting Cards
Raven Stories – Dale De Armond
Furry Animal Stories – Dale De Armond
Christmas in Alaska – Dale De Armond